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Talks, workshops, webinars & coaching on the topic of male friendship

Book Brothers

Talks, workshops, webinars and coaching on the topic of male friendship

We're not fighting for men's friendships because we think it's a cool thing to do.We're fighting for these vital relationships because they impact every sphere of a man's life.

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Here are some of the positive effects of male bonding in a man’s life*: - Less likelihood of social isolation (which can lead to stress related illnesses, isolation, addiction, suicide, divorce and violence).- Increased lifetime (less likelihood of Alzheimers, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and even cancer.)**- Greater success in men’s personal and professional lives.- Increased resources and resiliency in times of crisis.- Stronger connection with family, spouse, kids, peers and themselves.- Greater peace of mind and sense of purpose. Psychologist Niobe Way says that "when adolescent boys stop sharing their intimate feelings with their peers, we see an alarming increase in their rates of depression and suicide. Wives who cite their husband´s ´emotional unavailability´ as the primary cause of divorce initiate two out of every three divorces today."  She goes on to say that the absence of close friendships also can have negative effects on a man´s physical health and lower his bodily resistance to illness.*** After studying topics about masculinity and male bonding, we can without a doubt state that deep and genuine male friendships are vital for men. It is not about how many friends you have, though - it has much more to do about the depth and quality of the relationship itself. A wise man once said: “Show me your friends, and I´ll show you your future”. And if you think about it, it makes much sense. We all get affected by the people we surround ourselves with. By allowing people to be close to us, we let them bring out new sides of us that we might never thought existed. Those sides can either be good or not so good, which is why we ought to choose our friends carefully. Click here to learn more about Brothers, the leading organisation championing men's friendships.

*Sources: Deep Secrets (Niobe Way), When Boys Become Boys (Judy Y Chu), Remaking Manhood (Mark Greene).**"Why Do We Murder The Beautiful Friendships of Boys?" by Mark Greene.***Garfield, Robert. "Men In Transition." Breaking the Male Code: Unlocking the Power of Friendship: Overcoming Male Isolation for a Longer, Happier Life. New York: Avery, an Imprint of Penguin Random House, 2016. N. pag. Print.

Kim Evensen, Brothers

Kim Evensen

Founder and CEOof Brothers

Kim is the CEO and the Founder of Brothers. He has previously studied leadership for three years and is emerging as a subject matter expert on male friendship. He is also an author, and published his first book (Brothers) in February 2019.


"Kim had a talk at our national board meeting in 2019. His passion for this topic (of male friendships) made the presentation very rewarding, and it shed light on an important topic that awakened many thoughts."**This review has been translated from Norwegian to English

- Aksel Grunnvaag (The Norwegian Armed Forces, TVO)

"We invited Kim Evensen to come and teach our youth group about the core and heart of Brothers. 

It really challenged and inspired us to think about our friendships. The workshop Kim had with us, opened our eyes to many things in regards to men’s friendships. Honestly, it made us see what we otherwise wouldn’t have seen."

- Martin (Youth Worker)

"The work Kim and his team are doing through Brothers is remarkable in many ways. Brothers is directly and effectively addressing the many damaging cultural stigmas that prohibit boys and men from forming social connection. Kim's understanding of the issues behind the isolation of boys and men face is ever-expanding because he seeks advice from a wide range of sources and he acts on it.
I have been writing and speaking on men's issues for nearly ten years now. I have seen many different initiatives, which in seeking to address men's challenges bog down in privileged or insensitive frames, thus creating more challenges then they resolve. Brothers does not suffer from these challenges. It is an organization that respects the issues faced by women and people of color even as it works to create much needed connection among men."

- Mark GreeneSenior Editor at the Good Men Project, writer, speaker and advocate on men's issues.Founder of Remaking Manhood

I found something that I didn’t think I needed. And it changed my life. It’s so special...I can’t describe it..."

- Julian (Brothers Gathering Attendee)


We offer workshops and talks on the topic of male friendship for schools, events, companies, sports clubs - and anything in between. Our programs' goal is to educate, provoke to thought, inspire and equip.  Common bookings:- 60 minute talks- 90 minute workshops- reoccurring workshops, talks and coaching (over a chosen time period)- 45 minute online talks + 15 minutes with Q&A Fees:Contact us for a good deal. Click on the button below to view our Programs Brochure.

Our Programs Brochure

Coaching (Online or in person)We know that there are a lot of people out there who in some way or another are leading a lot of males, whether it be in a sports club, school, a corporation or organization. If that is you, then knowing the importance of friendship - and how it affects a man's life, is vital.If you're a sports coach, for instance, it's worthwhile to remember that your mindset and perception of male bonding has an affect on the athletes you lead and their perception of male bonding. If close friendship between males is a taboo topic for a coach, then it won't make it less of a taboo topic for the guys he's leading. With leadership comes responsibility. That's why it's important for leaders to have a wholesome and good perception of how male bonding should and can look like.And that is why we offer individual coaching for sports coaches, CEO's and leaders in any sphere. One-on-one conversation where our founder, Kim Evensen, will teach, inspire and challenge you - as well as invite you to reflect on your own friendships and on friendship in general.We always start with a 60 minute conversation, and you can decide if you'd like to continue or not.Here are the fees:
  • Online 45-minutes coaching session: $50USD. (For private persons we offer a 20% discount.)
  • In person 45-minutes coaching session: $100 USD* (For private persons we offer a 20% discount)
*Kim is currently based in Oslo, Norway. Contact us for questions or booking