Her er konseptet i et nøtteskall:

1: Bli en bro👨🏽 eller en sister 👩🏼! 2: Den raskeste og enkleste måten å støtte Brothers-bevegelsen! 3: Gi en gave på 50 kroner eller mer. 4: Du binder deg ikke til å gjøre noen ting, men du er seff velkommen til å dele Brothers i din sphære!  Hvis du vil bidra mer så kan du signe opp som frivillig i tillegg. 5: Vi anbefaler at du skaffer deg en kopi av The Real Bro Code: The essential guide for dudes on how to be a bro! 6: Og nevnte vi at alle bros får 10% rabatt i The Brothers Shop? 😏


Become a bro - and join the leading movement championing guys' friendships! ??Help us spread the message of authentic brotherhood to the world ✌?A lot of the work Brothers does is creating an awareness around the topic male bonding, fighting any stigma attached to it, as well as empowering boys and men throughout the world to develop stronger and deeper connections with their mates. Simply said: we're a movement advocating for men's friendships. With your help we can make a difference!

What does it entail?We know that many of you already have enough commitments. That's why being a bro requires nothing of you other than the registration process itself. The registration donation is a symbolic way of showing your support. But we do encourage you to follow Brothers on social media and share Brothers with your mates. If you're keen, you can also help out with volunteering and fundraising. ✌? Why a minimum donation?As a not-for-profit we're dependent on gifts and donations from people like you. We've gotten a lot of questions from people wanting to help Brothers in a practical way, and paying a small donation seems like a good solution. Income means that we can hire the necessary people we need, create and spread more bro-campaigns, publish books and resources and travel around to do talks and events (for instance: we had a talk at the Norwegian Defence Force, and we've met with governmental organizations, leaders and major sports clubs about the topic male bonding.) Giving a small donation also shows a commitment to the cause. *What if I really can't afford to donate?We don't want anyone to miss out, so if your financial situation doesn't allow you to donate $5 or more, just contact us an we'll see what we can do. ? What do you get as a bro?- The opportunity to be a part of and help the Brothers movement grow.- Exclusive newsletters only for bros.- Our goal is to collaborate with businesses and organizations in order to offer our bros special deals and offers. We'd also like to be able to invite our bros to events/happenings. Since 'being a bro' is a new concept, we're still trying to work it all out. Why don't Brothers facilitate a forum for bros to connect?- It's a nice idea, but it requires a lot of work. And the truth is that it also comes with many challenges. An open, global forum = it can be easily misused. It's a basic risk-assessment we've taken! ? With that in mind, we encourage our bros to apply what they learn through Brothers in their own lives, which has been the concept of Brothers since the beginning. Can the women join as well?Of course! We need our sisters on board! As you register you'll get an option that asks if you're a bro or a sister.