join us, bro

let's make a change!

join us, bro

let's make a change

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if we don't fight for men's friendships, then who will?

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"A little boy connects. A little boy knows how to be close to someone else. It’s in our DNA, but we live in a time where boys and men are trained away from embracing their most important qualities. The ability to truely connect. As a result, millions of men are pushed into isolation, deprived from true, deep, friendship, believing that guys shouldn’t connect so much on an emotional level. We refuse to stand on the sideline watching this happen. That's why Brothers exists: To advocate for and empower boys' and men's friendships, and invite them to truly connect with each other." But we can't do this alone - we need you. And we need each other. Now the question is: Will you join us?

And just in case you didn't know: Brothers is a registered non-profit.