Our Team & Our Friends

Meet the faces behind Brothers

Our Team & Our Friends

Meet the faces behind Brothers, and figure out who supports what we do

The Brothers Team

Kim Evensen

CEO & Founder

Kim is the CEO and the Founder of Brothers. He has previously studied leadership for three years and acting for four years, and is emerging as a subject matter expert on men’s development, male bonding and masculinity. He is also an author, and published his first book (Brothers) in February 2019.

Brandon Miller

Ambassador Wellness Director

Brandon really cares about people! His job as a Brothers Ambassador Wellness Director is to look after the ambassadors and their wellbeing. Brandon is married, has two sons, and recently received his Masters in Social Work.

Our Ambassadors

Brothers Ambassadors

We are so proud of our ambassadors! So far, we've got ambassadors from more than five different nations! You can apply to become a Brothers Ambassador here.

Friends of Brothers

Organisations and people we proudly partner with and/or work alongside.

Niobe Way is Professor of Applied Psychology in the Department ofApplied Psychology at New York University. Way is a nationallyrecognised leader in the field of adolescent development, and shehas been studying the social and emotional development of girlsand boys for over two decades. She's the author of several books,including 'Deep Secrets' - a book on adolescent boys' friendships.

Dr. Judy Chu

Affiliated Faculty member of the Programin Human Biology at Stanford Universityand author of 'When Boys Become Boys'

Mark Greene

Senior Editor of The Good Men Project& Founder of Remaking Manhood

MensLine Australia is a telephone and onlinecounselling service for men with emotional,family and relationship concerns.They're there to help anyone living in Australia 24/7.

Special thanks to...

For gifting Brothers with $6000 USD.Thank you!

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