Every Guy Needs Strong, Authentic Friendships

None of us have been created to live mediocre lives, so we shouldn’t settle for mediocre friendships.

Why do many male friendships tend to be shallow? Are men supposed to be interested in deep connections with other dudes? Why is it that a three-year-old boy has no issues expressing his love and admiration for his best friend, but a twenty-year-old man most likely has?

If you’re one of those guys who’s put off by questions like these, this book is written specifically for you.

These pages follow a man’s journey to connect with other guys, which resulted in Brothers, a movement with a mission to champion and empower men’s friendships across the globe. This book is a must-read for all men. It will challenge your perceptions of male friendship, masculinity and love, and help you develop stronger friendships in your own life.

Some have asked what the differences between The Real Bro Code and Brothers are. The Brothers book is quite personal, and includes several stories from the author’s life. The Real Bro Code is much more focused on the reader (with questions to reflect on, actions to take etc), more practical and covers more topics.

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