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Brothers The Book

by CEO & Founder Kim Evensen

None of us have been created to live mediocre lives, so we shouldn’t settle for mediocre friendships.

Why do many male friendships tend to be shallow? Are men supposed to be interested in deep connections with other dudes? Why is it that a three-year-old boy has no issues expressing his love and admiration for his best friend, but a twenty-year-old man most likely has? If you’re one of those guys who’s put off by questions like these, this book is written specifically for you. These pages follow a man’s journey to connect with other guys, which resulted in Brothers, a movement with a mission to champion and empower men’s friendships across the globe. This book is a must-read for all men. It will challenge your perceptions of male friendship, masculinity and love, and help you develop stronger friendships in your own life.



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Kim's fantastic book is going to continue to challenge many men and women on their idea of mens friendships. He does not hold back with speaking his mind and I have a lot of respect for him for that! He'll make you feel out of your comfort zone and as raw as it felt when reading it, I learnt a lot and feel like I can make more of an effort with my own mates. Watch this man change men's friendships for the better...one chapter at a time.

Kim is man enough to say out loud what many men feel inside, but would never dare to share. For too long, men have been taught that connection is feminine and that men, being strong, don't need deep, authentic relationships with their bros. Kim brings us along on his journey from loneliness to connection, and provides tips and tricks for building something better with your bros. I would recommend this book to the working man with a family who feels he has no time for friends, for the jock who plays it tough but deep down longs for more, or for the lonely guy who wants friends but doesn't know how to make that happen. It's also a worthwhile read for the wives of emotionally unavailable husbands, who wonder if they'll ever learn to connect. This book can help create a plot twist in the life of a man going it alone. Highly recommended.

REAL. NEEDED. LIFE-GIVING... This book and male friendships. Kim does a heartfelt job of sharing his compelling need for friends in an honest, open, vulnerable, intimate depth. This is in fulfilment of his life’s mission to bring his story to us so that we can make friends the centre of our story. Much of his sharing is common to us but not commonly shared by us. Emotions well expressed as well as practical applications any man can use to cultivate Best Bros! A great friendship gift to the rest of us traveling the same road. Thanks Kim!

Brothers, the book and organisation, has surfaced at a time when the world is beginning to recognise and acknowledge the very real consequences of toxic masculinity and lack of intimate connection amongst men.Kim, through his story and resulting efforts, has truly captured the essence of what brotherhood and quality friendships can and should be. This is a book that men and women alike would benefit from reading. It is a cause that each one of us should diligently support and champion.

every manneeds strongauthenticfriendships