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You Were Created For Connection


A man needs brothers that can challenge him to become a better man. A man that takes responsibility in every sphere of life.


A man needs brothers who are always there. Someone who can support him in good and bad times.


A man needs brothers who stir him into living a life of purpose. To not settle for less, but continue to grow in life.


A man needs brothers who allow him to be real and fully himself, with no need to wear a mask.


A man needs brothers he can safely pursue a deeper and meaningful friendship with.


A man needs brothers who he can enjoy life and all its adventures with.


Kim Evensen, born on the 13th of April 1992, is the CEO and founder of Brothers. Kim was born in Norway, but he has lived a few years in Australia where he studied the topic leadership. After he started Brothers in 2017, he has emerged as a subject matter expert on male friendships. He now consults internationally, providing talks about the importance of male friendships and the positive effects arising from strong male relationships. Though he is invited to speak about other topics too, nothing gets him as passionate as when he speaks about friendship, human connection, and vulnerability.
Four Common Roadblocks In Creating Genuine Male Friendships
Narrow Perception of Masculinity

Our often narrow perception of what it is to be a "real man" has hindered many men from connecting with themselves and the ones around them.

The Neglect of Men's Friendships

Genuine friendships between men have in many cases been neglected, ridiculed or dulled down to a shallow hang-out.

The Sexualisation
of Love

Many guys avoid closeness in their friendships as a result of our culture's sexualization of love.

The Taboo

The topic of men's friendships is important. Unfortunately it is a topic that many get put off by, or find awkward to talk about.


We offer talks and presentations on Men’s Friendships & Masculinity for schools, sports clubs, events, companies and anything in between.
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If we don't fight for men's friendships, then who will? Join us today, because we can't do this alone.

Brothers is a global not-for-profit organization all about empowering men’s friendships. The head office is currently in Oslo, Norway. Our passion is to see men all over the globe discover all what a friendship is, and enjoy it to the full.