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Brothers is a global not-for-profit organization all about empowering men’s friendships. The head office is currently in Oslo, Norway. Our passion is to see men all over the globe discover all what a friendship is, and enjoy it to the full. The organization was founded in 2017 by Kim Evensen. A lot of the work Brothers does is creating an awareness around the topic male bonding, fighting any stigma attached to it, as well as empowering boys and men throughout the world to develop stronger and deeper connections with their mates. We use our sphere of influence to inspire, educate and equip – whether through our social media platforms, website, books, podcasts or events. We do talks, workshops and mentoring on the topic Men’s Friendships and related topics, for schools, sports clubs, events, companies and anything in between. Brothers is more than an organization. It’s a movement. A movement of boys and girls, men and women, believing in the power of true connection and wholesome friendship. We have a concept called ‘become a bro/sister’ – and it’s a super nice way of supporting our work and being a part of the movement. You can read more about it and become ‘a bro’ here. Our books have been purchased by people from over 21 nations, our podcasts have been listened to by people from 33 nations, and Kim has spoken over 100 times, in 4 different continents.

How It All Began

If we as men don’t decide how we want our friendships to look like, someone else will do it for us. [Kim Evensen]

“Brothers” is a global movement that was founded in Norway in 2017, by Kim Evensen. Our headquarter is today located in Oslo, Norway. After discovering the importance of quality friendships in his own life, he was stirred to inspire other men to tap into the great potential in their own friendships. Together, with a group of passionate and resilient individuals, Kim and the rest of the Brothers team have fought for the message of Brothers. They laboured for years, working endlessly and endeavouring wholeheartedly – before Brothers was even founded. Now that Brothers is a reality, we’re excited for what’s ahead.

A friendship is not just a beer at a bar with the boys; it is much more. We believe that all around the world, there are men of all ages desperate for some real bros in their lives. Brothers that inspire them.

The thought first arose in December of 2015.Kim shared a concern to one of his own friends, asking, “Why is it that so many guys are afraid of expressing any vulnerability or affection toward their male friends? It is sad to see men who have been best friends for years hesitate on giving each other a hug when needed, or avoiding any conversation about how they feel. Where do they go for support? Who can they talk openly about life´s challenges with?” Kim knew that he could not just stand by and watch generations of men missing out on close friendship— he absolutely had to do something about it.  So he did; and this movement is the result. A movement that will stir men into not settling for mediocre friendships anymore, but rather pursue genuine brotherhood – strong friendship bonds that last. So whoever you are – if you value your brothers then jump on board – and let’s create a movement that really champions brotherhood. One that encourages friendships between guys to be wholesome instead of emotionally stunted and empowers men everywhere to see all a brotherhood can be. Here are some thoughts from Kim Evensen, edited out from one of his books. We thought we could add it here: Leading an organization like Brothers has forced me to critically reflect on my own friendships, my own perspectives, and the filters that I view my life through. Having the opportunity to speak into boys’ and men’s lives – and as a result, influence their perspectives on friendship, is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. The more influence Brothers gets in the lives of people, the more I feel the burden of leadership. I am well aware that I’ve got many flaws, wounds, and more or less distorted perspectives and filters that I view my life and reality through.  As the leader of Brothers, I’ve asked myself how much of those things are actually influencing the way I lead, teach, and guide others in developing deep, meaningful bro-connections. I know that we’re all in the same boat, kind of – meaning that we’ve all got filters and perspectives that are shaped by our past, upbringing, and culture and that we’re all flawed. But when one gets a bigger platform and credibility, it’s healthy and necessary to be even more self-reflective, as people will take your advice and knowledge and put it into practice in their own lives.  Yes, many times I feel pretty unqualified to run this movement and especially to write this book. Who am I to lead this organization? Who am I to have talks on male bonding in front of hundreds of young high schoolers or talk to and guide professional athletes or grown-up businessmen who’ve got kids and families and much more life experience than me? I’m just an ordinary guy in my late twenties. I’m not perfect and my friendships aren’t perfect or always uncomplicated. But. I’ve realized that perfection is not always the best inspiration. Though I do believe that I’ve got something to offer, and though I’m constantly trying to learn more about the topic of male bonding to gather more knowledge and new perspectives, the most important thing I can do is to do something. True friendship is so powerful and I don’t want guys to miss out on it. Though I’m not a natural strategist, I’d like to say that my strategy when running Brothers, is to let authenticity and vulnerability be the cornerstone of everything that I do. And it can be scary. When meeting with leaders of big organizations, sports clubs, or potential partners, I do wonder sometimes if this authenticity will weaken my credibility or strengthen it. I’m even tempted to put up a facade and a mask to give an impression of “I always know what I’m doing and I never doubt!” But if I did that, I’d be going against everything that Brothers is. I consider myself as a pretty confident young man, but confidence and vulnerability should go hand in hand. I like to say that I rather prefer being a bit less professional and a little bit more personal in my business/partnership meetings. Whether or not that is the best strategy, it is the foundation of who we are. And the foundation of an organization matters more than the appearance. Brothers is not built on a fake or weak foundation. Neither should our friendships be.  The more I dive into this theme, the more I realize how necessary and beautiful authentic brotherhood is. And that’s why Brothers aims to be the most influential and trustworthy organization, globally, championing and bringing awareness to the topic of male friendship. Every guy needs good bros in his life, and it fuels me to know that because of Brothers, dudes from across the globe are discovering more of what true friendship is.

Our Mission Statement

To be a leading voice, globally, dedicated to empowering and strengthening boys’ and men’s friendships.Our passion is to see boys and men discover all what a friendship is, and enjoy it to the full.

Our Vision

We see a movement that empowers and inspires boys and men to create deep, long-lasting and purpose-filled friendships.

We see a movement that equips men all over the world to develop brotherhood built on authenticity and trust; adventure and integrity; loyalty and purpose.

We see a movement reminding boys and men that they, just like every other human being, are created for close friendships. And though every man is different, every man needs someone who fights for him, sharpens him and believes in him.

We see a movement with its powerful, and sometimes, countercultural message of brotherhood that reminds men what friendship, masculinity and love are really about.

We see a movement that normalises men’s desire for close friendship that is inherent when they are young but often lost as they grow older. We strive to equip men to discern and resist any damaging thought patterns and unhelpful cultural norms that may hinder them from developing deep relational connections throughout their whole life.

We see a movement working closely with people, organizations, media, businesses and educational systems – all around the world, in order to spread its message.

We see a trail-blazing movement being the pioneer and face of growing male friendship: its platform being a game-changer in men’s lives. A movement, that, through its impact, will benefit men, women, friendships, marriages, families and societies alike. A movement that will shape boys and men inevery sphere of life.

We see a movement that knows the value and the importance of men having strong, loving friendships in their lives. A movement with a powerful, loud and respected voice that will be the biggest advocate for male friendships across the globe.

Our Values
The values of our organisation are:

We desire to be known by our eagerness and enthusiasm; always willing to sacrifice time and energy for our cause.

We aspire to be open, real and honest in all that we do, with a clear understanding of our motivations.

We want everyone we encounter to feel valued and loved for who they are.

We take risks to overcome societal and cultural stereotypes; we challenge unhealthy cultural influences imposed on men and their friendships.

We accept the difficulty in front of us, and are determined to finish what we’ve started.

We acknowledge that we are not perfect, however, it is our responsibility to be trustworthy and ethical in all our actions.

Our Leadership

Kim Evensen

Founder, main speaker, CEO

Kim is the CEO and the Founder of Brothers. He has previously studied leadership for three years and is emerging as a subject matter expert on male friendship. He is also an author, and has published two books: The Real Bro Code (2020) and Brothers (2019)
Mari Kristin Haukås, Brothers
Mari Kristin Haukås


Meet Mari! Our new assistant! If you’re considering booking Kim for an event, she’s probably the person you’ll be speaking to. She’s lovely!

Elias Pederstad

Board Member

The guy Kim calls whenever he needs advice. Elias is generous with his time and encouragements. He is able to think clearly and look ahead when Kim is not!
Marcus Skadberg

Board Member

Christopher Amenya

Board Member

Einar Barane

Designer and Videographer

He’s got a mind like no other! Einar is a man with many talents .

Monthly donors & supporters

People who give of their time and finances to help see Brothers grow.

Friends of Brothers

Organizations and people we proudly partner with and/or support

Dr. Niobe Way

Niobe Way is Professor of Applied Psychology in the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University. Way is a nationally recognised leader in the field of adolescent development, and she has been studying the social and emotional development of girls and boys for over two decades. She’s the author of several books, including ‘Deep Secrets’ – a book on adolescent boys’ friendships.

Dr. Judy Chu

Affiliated Faculty member of the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University and author of ‘When Boys Become Boys’

Mark Greene

Senior Editor of The Good Men Project & Founder of Remaking Manhood

MensLine Australia

MensLine Australia is a telephone and online counselling service for men with emotional, family and relationship concerns. They’re there to help anyone living in Australia 24/7.


To encourage and empower males to expand their perspective of what “being a man” is all about through research, education and public discourse.


By Ludo Gabriele – a Healthy Masculinity Advocate



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