Frequently asked questions about Brothers and men's friendships

What is Brothers all about?
Brothers is a global non-profit organisation focusing exclusively on empowering men’s friendships. We’re also combating damaging cultural influences that hinder men from developing these vital relationships in their lives.
Brothers is run by Kim Evensen [27] and the Brothers Team.
Brothers is a global organisation based in Oslo, Norway. Though we’re based in Norway, we do workshops and talks all around the globe.
We are all about women having strong, authentic friendships as well! But we’ve chosen to focus on men’s friendships, since we’ve seen that men are exposed to different challenges in their friendships than women.
Be the one taking the initiative! Most likely, both you and your friend would like a deeper friendship, but someone’s gotta take the first step. Mutual disclosure of one’s feelings and vulnerability in a friendship results in greater depth and intimacy. Sometimes just initiating a conversation about your friendship can be very helpful. Simply express to your friend that you’d like to invest more into your friendship – and ask if he wants to as well. If you both want it, nothing’s stopping you!
Yes, we do. Our goal is to stop for the one, but reach for the multitudes. If you’d like mentoring by our founder, Kim Evensen, we’d love to try to make it happen. Even though Kim is not a qualified counsellor, he offers mentoring for individuals, sports coaches, CEO’s and leaders. Contact us here.

Our Bros (and Sisters) are individuals across the globe who’re supporting Brothers. You can join the movement and become a bro here.

Yes, we do! Currently, we’re hosting free events in Sydney, Australia, called ‘Brothers Gatherings’. These events normally take place fortnightly. A Brothers Gathering consist of teaching, discussion and community.
Did you know that some of the most passionate people about Brothers are women? That’s exciting! Never underestimate the influence you, as a woman, can have on the lives of the men in your life. We always encourage women to tell their men about our website, Instagram – and in general, just initiating good conversations about their friendships. You can also support us financially or join our volunteers team. Our research shows that strong, close friendships in a man’s life, will not only benefit himself, but his marriage, family and our whole society as well.
If you’re keen to gather a bunch of guys to chat about friendship, talk about Brothers – and connect, then that’s awesome! We can help you with resource if you want to. But an event like that will not be an ‘official’ Brothers event. Only our team and trusted Brothers volunteers are allowed to run events representing Brothers. Other than this, Kim (the Founder) offers workshops and talks (which can be booked), which we really recommend. Kim breathes and lives out the vision of Brothers – and anyone can host/book an event, and invite Kim to speak. Read more here.
Kim Evensen (CEO, Founder & Main Speaker) has studied leadership for three years. Kim has studied men’s friendships, development and men’s mental health independently for three years. Amanda Clarke (Co-Leader, Program Developer) has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Diploma in Management, and has three years of management experience. Neither Kim or Amanda are professional psychologists or counsellors and they do not provide professional mental health advice or professional support.
No. Brothers is a non-religious organisation.
Our first source of income comes from offering our programs, workshops and presentations to organisations, schools, corporations and events. Our second source of income comes from gifts, sponsorships, grants and donations.
As a private person, we recommend becoming a ‘Brothers Supporter’. A Brothers Supporter can choose to give a certain amount each month. You can also give one-off donations. If you’re a corporation, organisation or government, just send us an e-mail – and we’ll arrange a chat where we can talk about possible ways of giving.