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"Authentic connection. Real Conversation. Riveting realizations. Brothers [Kim] did exactly what we wanted."

– Laken Moreno (Greek Life Coordinator, California State University Monterey Bay)

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Our speaker

Kim Evensen, born on the 13th of April 1992, is the CEO and founder of Brothers. He was born in Norway, but lived four years in Australia in his mid-twenties, where he studied leadership. After he started Brothers in 2017, he has emerged as a subject matter expert on male friendships. He now consults internationally, providing talks about the importance of male friendships and the positive effects arising from strong male relationships. Though he is invited to speak about other topics too, nothing gets him as passionate as when he speaks about friendship, human connection, and vulnerability.

Say good-bye to boring talks

Kim is known for his incredible way of connecting with people – whether speaking to hundreds of individuals at once, or a one-on-one conversation. His mantra as a leader and a speaker is that he’d rather be “a bit less professional and a bit more personal” in his meetings with people. He leads Brothers and the team with passion, confidence and vulnerability, and his knowledge and drive to empower boys’ and men’s friendships is nothing less than inspiring.
He has written two books on the topic of male friendship: The Real Bro Code (2020) and Brothers (2019). His books have been purchased in more than 21 countries. You can get his books here


From Kim’s TEDx talk in Oslo 2023 – Tap to learn more.
Kim specialises on the topic of male friendships, but is not limited to that. If you want to book Kim to speak about something else, let us know and he will consider it. Examples on topics he can/has spoken about:

masculinity, mental health, culture and integrity, communication, connection, relationships, vulnerability, being present (in a digital world), equality, leadership, entrepreneurship, work environment.

Kim is an extremely inspiring keynote speaker and he always leaves a mark. He has a clear gift when it comes to connecting with an audience. Whatever the topic you want Kim to talk about, we guarantee nothing else than top quality.

This is Brothers

Brothers is a global not-for-profit organization all about empowering men’s friendships. The head office is currently in Oslo, Norway. Our passion is to see men all over the globe discover all what a friendship is, and enjoy it to the full.
The organization was founded in 2017 by Kim Evensen. A lot of the work Brothers does is creating an awareness around the topic male bonding, fighting any stigma attached to it, as well as empowering boys and men throughout the world to develop stronger and deeper connections with their mates.
We use our sphere of influence to inspire, educate and equip – whether through our social media platforms, website, books, podcasts or events. We do talks, workshops and mentoring on the topic Men’s Friendships and related topics, for schools, sports clubs, events, companies and anything in between.
Brothers is more than an organization. It’s a movement. A movement of boys and girls, men and women, believing in the power of true connection and wholesome friendship.
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Some of our friends and partners

As an organization we are good friends with Dr. Niobe Way (New York University), Judy Y Chu (Stanford University), Mark Greene and MensLine Australia
In Scandinavia we’re friends with Mental Health Norway, Mental Health Youth Norway, Committee for Health Information Denmark, Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud, HfG Oslo and more.

Signature presentation: Created for Connection

Time: Normally 60 minutes, or 2×40 minutes For who: Sports clubs, organizations, schools, corporations / anyone. (Boys and girls. Men and women.) Topic: male friendships, masculinity, cultural norms and expectations, the role of the man, boys’ and men’s need for close relationships. Where: Internationally
Structure and content:
Kim Evensen, Brothers main speaker, is always available for Q&As and conversations after the talks. He normally brings his book The Real Bro Code for signing, and merch.
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Previous speaking engagements

Kim Evensen has spoken at dozens of places, and he’s been booked year after year by the same people.


Where is Kim based?
Oslo, Norway
– Yes. He’s spoken in USA, Australia, Africa and Europe.
Yes. Just contact us and we’ll see what we can offer.
Good that you asked! Some of the most passionate about Brothers and the topic we specialise on, are women! They know that when the guys have healthy friendships, it will benefit them as well! Women tend to love our presentations just as much as the guys.
Nope! Even though his expression is youthful, he speaks to all ages.


Contact us for a quote. The more details you can provide about amount of people attending, and location, the quicker we give you a quote.
All fees go straight to Brothers, a registered nonprofit organization.

Testimonials and photos

“Authentic connection. Real Conversation. Riveting realizations. Brothers did exactly what we wanted. They started a very real conversation that connected with students on a meaningful topic that impacts everyone. Kim connected with the students in a way that was authentic to who he is. That authenticity is what makes these types of meaningful conversations make a huge impact on our students and I know our students will continue these conversations after Brothers leave campus.”
– Laken Moreno, MA
Coordinator – Greek Life & Community Engagement, CSUMB (California State University, Monterey Bay)

“Brothers has a message that people need to hear. Just in the few days following Kim’s talk I’ve had so many conversations with my bros challenging the beliefs we never really said out loud. Come in with open ears and an open heart and you will leave ready to create more meaningful connections with your friends.”
– Graduate student, CSUMB

“Kim revolutionised the topic!”
– Employee, The Norwegian Armed Forces

“Kim had a talk at our national board meeting in 2019. His passion for this topic (of male friendships) made the presentation very rewarding, and it shed light on an important topic that awakened many thoughts.”
– Aksel Grunnvaag (The Norwegian Armed Forces, TVO)

“A thorough seminar – well received by our students.”
– Principal at Buskerud Folk High

“Kim did an incredible presentation at our school. I’ve never seen anyone sell as many books before – which just shows how it really hit home!”
– Teacher at Danvik Folk High

“We invited Kim Evensen to come and teach our youth group about the core and heart of Brothers.
It really challenged and inspired us to think about our friendships. The workshop Kim had with us, opened our eyes to many things in regards to men’s friendships. Honestly, it made us see what we otherwise wouldn’t have seen.”
– Martin (Youth Worker)

“The work Kim and his team are doing through Brothers is remarkable in many ways. Brothers is directly and effectively addressing the many damaging cultural stigmas that prohibit boys and men from forming social connection. Kim’s understanding of the issues behind the isolation of boys and men face is ever-expanding because he seeks advice from a wide range of sources and he acts on it.
I have been writing and speaking on men’s issues for nearly ten years now. I have seen many different initiatives, which in seeking to address men’s challenges bog down in privileged or insensitive frames, thus creating more challenges then they resolve. Brothers does not suffer from these challenges. It is an organization that respects the issues faced by women and people of color even as it works to create much needed connection among men.”
– Mark Greene
Senior Editor at the Good Men Project, writer, speaker and advocate on men’s issues.
Founder of Remaking Manhood

I found something that I didn’t think I needed. And it changed my life. It’s so special…I can’t describe it…”
– Julian (Attendee)

“Thank you so much for speaking at our school. I really needed to hear this…”
– A student after a Brothers presentation

“I gotta tell all my boys about Brothers! Honestly, I never thought I needed to hear about this topic until you guys introduced me to it!”
– Attendee at a Brothers presentation

“Thank you again for the great presentation! We learned a lot, and several others told me that they wanted to put what they learnt into practice, not only in their personal lives, but also in our organization. I’d call it a success!”
– Thea (AUF)

An amazing presentation! A very important topic that we need to talk about. The soldiers were very satisfied!”
– Emil, The Norwegian Armed Forces (Evenes Base)

We know that there are a lot of people out there who in some way or another are leading a lot of boys or men, whether it be in a sports club, school, a corporation or organization. If that is you, then knowing the importance of friendship – and how it affects a man’s life, is vital.If you’re a sports coach, for instance, it’s worthwhile to remember that your mindset and perception of male bonding has an affect on the athletes you lead and their perception of male bonding. If close friendship between males is a taboo topic for a coach, then it won’t make it less of a taboo topic for the guys he’s leading. With leadership comes responsibility. That’s why it’s important for leaders to have a wholesome and good perception of how male bonding should and can look like.And that is why we offer individual coaching for sports coaches, CEO’s and leaders in any sphere. One-on-one conversation where our founder, Kim Evensen, will teach, inspire and challenge you – as well as invite you to reflect on your own friendships and on friendship in general. Contact us for fees. *Kim is currently based in Oslo, Norway.