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Kim Evensen, born on the 13th of April 1992, is the CEO and founder of Brothers. Kim was born in Norway, but he has lived a few years in Australia where he studied the topic leadership.
After he started Brothers in 2017, he has emerged as a subject matter expert on male friendships. He now consults internationally, providing talks about the importance of male friendships and the positive effects arising from strong male relationships. Though he is invited to speak about other topics too, nothing gets him as passionate as when he speaks about friendship, human connection, and vulnerability.
Kim is known for his incredible way of connecting with people – whether speaking to hundreds of individuals at once, or a one-on-one conversation. His mantra as a leader and a speaker is that he’d rather be “a bit less professional and a bit more personal” in his meetings with people. He leads Brothers and the team with passion, confidence and vulnerability, and his knowledge and drive to empower boys’ and men’s friendships is nothing less than inspiring.
He has written two books on the topic of male friendship: The Real Bro Code (2020) and Brothers (2019). His books have been purchased in more than 21 countries. You can get his books here

Speaking topics

Kim specialises on the topic of male friendships, but is not limited to that. If you want to book Kim to speak about something else, let us know and he will consider it. Examples on topics he can/has spoken about:
masculinity, mental health, communication, connection, relationships, vulnerability, being present (in a digital world), equality, leadership, entrepreneurship, work environment.
Kim is an extremely inspiring keynote speaker and he always leaves a mark. He has a clear gift when it comes to connecting with an audience. Whatever the topic you want Kim to talk about, we guarantee nothing else than top quality.
Fun facts
Give him a salted caramel latte and he’ll forever be your fan He wrote his first book in less than 2 months We’ll add some more here later, but until then you’re free to stalk him.

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