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Join us in fighting for boys' and men's friendships! 💙 Our bros and sisters are people like you, who simply just love our mission, and who wanna be a part of the movement and contribute in a concrete way.

1: Set up a monthly donationOr choose to give a one-off donation. Too easy. 2: Sit back and relax.If you've chosen to donate monthly, your card will automatically be charged on the same date. You don't have to think about anything. 3: Exclusive updates and discounts.Everyone who donates to Brothers (aka bros and sisters) will get exclusive updates from the Brothers Leadership Team and discounts for The Brothers Shop (including always 10% off our books and stickers). 4: Wanna contribute even more?Wanna share Brothers with your friends, but need some inspiration and help? Go to the menu and tap "contact" and let us know!

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We want you to be confident that your gifts are being used in the best way possible. All gifts will be used to promote our cause as an organization. Here are some of our expenses: Office rental, Research and resources, Web hosting, Preparation for seminars, workshops and events, Print, Advertising & Promotion, Staff, Savings (for future projects). Thank you again for choosing to partner with Brothers, a non-profit organization registered in Norway.

Brothers is the leading charity dedicated to empowering boys' and men's friendships. Our passion is to see men all over the globe discover all what a friendship is, and enjoy it to the full. We offer inspiration and education through our sphere of influence, whether through our website, books, podcasts, social media - or our talks and presentations. Brothers focuses a lot on awareness, while challenging the stigma attached to the topic of boys’ and men’s friendships. We aim to alter any unhelpful cultural norms that discourage boys and men from creating deep, wholesome friendships. Tap here to read more about Brothers, including our vision and mission statement.

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