Say hi to our bro Tobias Becs, a multiple European and World Champion freestyle footballer!

We recently met up with Tobias to record a BRO-TALK and chat about friendship. We also got the chance to see him in action…and we were pretty much blown away!

Talent aside, Tobias is a really good guy. He’s extremely genuine and easy to connect with. We’re so thankful that he took the time to meet with us and we don’t take that for granted.

Since we first met him he has really shown his support for Brothers and our message. And whether you’re a professional athlete or not…every guy needs bros he can count on and do life with. We are all created for deep connection.

Tobias – we are cheering on you! The best is yet to come in your life. ✊🏽

To our bros and sister out there: check out his mad freestyle football skills here at @tobiasfreestyle and let him what you think!

As for the BRO-TALK, it’ll be released a bit later on, and it’s gonna be good. So stay tuned for that.

Photos: Einar Barane