The Real Bro Code

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The Essential Guide for Dudes on How to be a Bro

Have you heard of the bro code before? Well, this is the realone. And if there is any book every guy should own, it’s this.

The Real Bro Code is the essential guide for dudes on how to be a bro.Is it rad? Yes. A game-changer? You bet. Is it gonna take your friendships with your bros to the next level? No doubt. Bro-goals for sure.

“Why on earth should I read a book on friendship?” you might ask yourself. Fair question. Here’s the answer: because your friendships are some of the most important relationships in your life, and they will without a doubt determine how your future is gonna look. Most of you have never read a book on friendship before – maybe you feel like guys just shouldn’t need to. Well… Maybe it’s time to change that. Your friendships might be fine, but there’s always more. More depth, connection and adventure. Don’t settle for less. You and your bros deserve more.

The Real Bro Code is for the guy who wants to be the best bro he can possibly be. This practical book will give you solid insights and invite you to really reflect on your own friendships like you’ve never done before.

We all invest in what we care about. So with that in mind, when was the last time you invested time into learning and growing in friendship?

Get yourself a copy of The Real Bro Code today. It’s an easy book to read – and the only one of its kind.Your bros are gonna thank you for it.

The Real Bro Code consists of 44 short chapters – about different topics related to guys’ friendships. At the end of every chapter, the reader will be invited to answer some questions in order to reflect on their own friendship – and then invited to take action. See photos for an example.

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Table of content:
PART ONE   PART TWO    1: Brotherhood 2: The Taboo    3: Deep Talk    4: An Incorrect Narrative    5: Competition & Comparison    6: Comfort Your Bro    7: (Quality) Time    8: Commitment    9: Integrity & Accountability    10: The Art of Listening    11: Masculinity    12: Why Veterans Miss War    13: I Love You Bro, No Homo    14: Bro-Awareness    15: Don’t Ditch Your Bro For A Girl    16: Bros & Family    17: Encourage Your Bro    18: Long-Distance Brotherhood    19: Conflict    20: I Love You, Bro (But I Only Tell You When I’m Drunk)    21: Closest Moment    22: Expectations    23: Needy?    24: Don’t Ditch Your Bro. Ditch Your Phone    25: Ditch the Cool Pose    26: We Need Adventure    27: Passive or Intentional?    28: Wounds That Shape Us    29: Reliability & Consistency    30: Cheap Excuses Are Worthless    31: Empowering Others    32: Give and Take    33: Touch Isolation    34: Every Brotherhood is Different    35: Space    36: Betrayal    37: When A Brotherhood Ends    38: Dreams, Goals, & Purpose    39: Upbringing    40: Investment & Generosity    41: Bro-Dating    42: Everyday Life of Brotherhood    43: How to Find Bros    44: Self-Reflection    PART THREE    About the Author About Brothers    Sources and Resources

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Brothers is a global non-profit organisation focusing exclusively on empowering men’s friendships. We’re also combating damaging cultural influences that hinder men from developing these vital relationships in their lives.
Brothers is run by Kim Evensen [27] and the Brothers Team.

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